Thinking about building either a bunk or loft bed? First of all this can

Loft bed with another bed below turned out so drawers will fit on one end with a desk at the other.

Loft Bed Combo with Desk and Drawers

be an intimidating project, but it doesn’t have to be. A loft bed is just like a bunk bed except there isn’t always another bed below. You need a good set of loft bed plans to ensure you  create a robust structure  that is safe.

Building a simple loft bed?
In short, Yes! A good set of plans make it easy for you to follow and promptly complete this project. Although building such bed is a simple project, you must consider all of the abuse this bed will take from the children.  Be prepared with a good complete set of loft bed plans so you are  able to build a strong and lasting structure.

Section of plans for a loft bed playhouse before the decorations are shown.

In the Beginning, It Was Just a Box

One thing to keep in mind, is what kind of design will you be choosing for  your loft bed plans. Want storage below the bed(s)?  Storage under the loft bed is a great idea.  This will  save space and add to the style of the project.

When you add a storage feature, be sure the loft bed plans allow for this addition.   Studying a series of plans from beginning to end is much easier to make sure the design in right for you than to be trying to add your own design at the end.

Steps to get ready for building a bunk bed
Make sure that you invest in high quality wood. The plans you have tell you exactly what time of the wood to use.

Use top quality hardware. Detailed loft bed plans wqill have a list of exactly what hardware you need around the bed, to make it strong and safe .

List the tools you need. Plans provide a list you with the tools you need for this project.

Think about what kind of finish you want the bed to have.  The

Playhouse facade all over, but actual playhouse is below and the bed has a slide to get down quickly.

Playhouse Complete With Facade and Slide

plans will suggest several different ideas. The structure can be painted, stained, varnished, or simply wood  sealed when it’s done. You may decide to pain the structure, since  it is for kids.  This will also keep things simple for you.
Select right loft bed plans set, an important step in building a strong, stable, and secure structure that will last for years. This beautifully built in bed will transform your room and many other options for the use of storage and room space.

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Just How Different Are They?

If you don’t know, I will show you loft bed plans and bunk bed plans so the

Boy hard at work at the desk under his loft bed.

Working at a Loft Bed Desk

differences can be easily seen.   Loft beds are built higher than usual above the ground, while generally two beds are bunk beds stacked, usually for young adults or children.

Either these woodworking ideas storage usually under the bed frame is in built. The slice is greater with loft beds and space for a standalone Cabinet, containing desk or other large items. In the situation of bunk beds limited memory on a drawer or two, or the space for smaller items may be left open.

Which to choose?

Beautiful hardwood loft bed with a full desk underneath for work or study.

Loft Bed with Full Desk

When you decide whether, loft or bunk build beds is the amount of space that you have a concern. Bunk beds can save much space, because you have two beds, so to speak the inclusion of an area. If you are short on space, the building bunk beds the way to go.

On the other hand, can two loft beds, one for each child, construct, especially if you have separate rooms. This requires that space is not a problem, of course. She could make different sizes and even you different colors to paint.

Other things to note are time and money. Building two beds, of course, will take more time and increase your costs. If time and extra money are no problem, this can be a good way to go.

Complete view of parts exploded so you can see how everything goes together.

Sample Page in Loft Bed Plans

Final decision

It is up to you, of course, depending on the topic that I just discussed. When you weigh the considerations, you should with always robust, durable, beautiful wood bedroom furniture end for your children.

Before you your woodwork project, the last thing is to ensure a quality, a detailed set of loft bed plans, you work with have. Good plans save time, money and frustration, no matter what type of furniture you are building.  Good loft bed plans will guarantee you’ll save money, and turn out a project you will be proud to show off.

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