Tapping Into Unused Space With Loft Bed Plans


Do you sometimes feel like your house is just like a

The trundle, dresser, pull-out desk top, loft bed for a home office guest room or for a youngster's room

Loft Bed Fits Anywhere and Does It All

warehouse, full of stuff? We are all conditioned to think in terms of square feet when we think of our homes, but if we really did live in a warehouse, we would think in terms of cubic feet instead.  So lets adjust our thinking beginning with the bedrooms and a good set of loft bed plans.   Like the warehouse, we are going to start thinking up, not out.

Going Up or Cubic Square Feet

Three dimensional planning and the effective use of “air space” in a room will give you more floor space, higher up.  The only real limit is  the height of your ceiling.  A standard set of loft bed plans calls for the top of the mattress to be at six feet off the floor, which allows for little head room if the ceiling is only eight feet.  However, you will find there are so many different designs of loft beds, leaving you limited only by your imagination as to how you will use the newly created floor space below your raised bed.

When your ceilings are low, try a design which includes a dresser beneath the bed.  Besides the obvious advantage of working in a room with eight foot ceilings, it might also be the safer height if this is a young child’s room.  Should it be the guest room, it may be easier for your guests to use too.

Desks underneath which allow for a desk top to be moved safely out of the way when not in use are fairly unique.  See the one pictured.   If the room had wall space for two twin beds, then dressers could be under one of the beds and a desk under the other.  This might be a very comfortable room for the teenager or for  overnight guests.

Guests are frequently relegated to futons or air mattresses when they arrive because your spare room is an office.  With loft bed plans and a good design, you can have your office and a comfortable place for your guests to sleep.

Here at Loft Bed Plans, we are hesitant to make

For the younger child, a lower loft bed with drawers and shelve underneath and a small side desk.

Safety First Lower Loft Bed with Guardrails, Drawers, Book Shelves and Small Desk

recommendations to our readers with these two exceptions.  Not only do you receive ninety-five (95) different designs in loft bed plans, but you also receive thousands of other outstanding home improvement woodworking projects that are sure to interest you.

So, take a minute to visit the two web sites above.  Then, be ready to make the decision to build your loft bed project today.

Get The Design You Need With Loft Bed Plans


It can get really old looking for the loft bed design that fits your space and your extra feature needs.  You begin feel like you are being pigeon holed into spending a lot of money only to end up with what you don’t

Exploded section of loft bed plans so the builder can see where each part fits into the whole.

Illustration of an Exploded View of Plans

really want.  There is only one real answer to getting what you want.  Do it yourself.  Using today’s quality loft bed plans, it is actually pretty easy.

Design Ideas

Your needs could be as endless as a guest room,  or a little boy’s dream, maybe a stylish New York efficiency,  or to making the perfect room for your teenager.  With loft bed plans, any design you want can be realized and you can be assured that you will not only get exactly what you want, but you will also spend considerably less money than you would if you bought it from a furniture store.

Bed Specifications

Standard bed sizes in North America are as follows:

Twin Bed: 39 inches by 75 inches or 3’3″ X 6’3″

Full or Double Bed:  54 inches by 75 inches or 4’6″ X 6’3″

Queen Bed:  60 inches by 80 inches or 5′ X 6’8″

Regular King:  76 inches by 80 inches or 6’4″ X 6’8″

California King:  72 inches by 84 inches or 6′ X 7′

Be delighted to know that loft bed plans are available for virtually every size bed for which there exists a mattress.

What You Will Need

Quality loft bed plans will tell you all.  Like a good recipe, nothing is left out of a good set of plans.  You will find step-by-step instructions which are fully illustrated and fully blown up for a closer view where necessary.  In addition, there will be a list included of the tools you will use as well as an exacting list of the supplies you will need from wood to bolts.   You will also be advised as to the quality of materials you should use, as these can dramatically affect the safety and the useful life of the bed you build.

There are few quality loft bed plan vendors online, but we have found two of them.  Both draftsmen are woodworkers and you will find the plans they have available in their packages to be complete.  Not only will you receive nearly 100 hundred different sets of loft bed plans, but there are thousands of easy and practical woodworking projects for the home for a penny each.

Turn Your Children’s Closet Bedroom into a Really Nice Room

The age of your child will be the dictator of how they would like to have their room enlarged by a new loft bed.  Read more to find out how you can

A boy's, too cool for words, loft loft bed with an extended tent hideout play area underneath and a slide for a quick way down

Slide Down and Play in Your Hideout Tent

be the “hero of the day” by giving your youngster choices in the remodeling of his or her bedroom into a more spacious place.

We all know what bunk beds are; simply, one bed stacked atop another.  The loft bed is similar, however instead of another bed below, the brand new space created by raising the bed is used to make the room more livable.  It might be a play area for the younger child, or a study work area for a teenager.

The design choices are as endless as when you shop for a prom dress later.  That’s another reason to let them pick the design they want.  You’ll find if you use quality loft bed plans even the most ornate loft bed are easily built and for far less money than you’d spend to buy it ready-made.

If you have two children sharing a room with twin beds, there are also loft bed plans which could make possible two study areas and a more spacious room in which to enter.  There are L-shaped plans for use in corners, arrangements for two separate beds on separate walls, or even the possibility of butting two loft beds together with divided work areas below each bed.

Our experience has been that having several sets of plans from which to choose is the best way to start this project….  even if you end up deciding to buy your loft bed online or in a furniture store.  There are few, if any, books or magazines that will show very many designs.  On the other hand, draftsmen who package several sets of plans together can give you more

As pictured, this space saving corner arrangement of two twin loft beds with work space under each bed

L-Shaped Loft Beds with Space for Two

design selection.  Not only will you have selection, but you will already have your plans as well.

Rarely do we recommend vendors, but there are two we have found who give you several sets of loft bed plans from which to choose, but who also include literally thousands of other household woodworking project plans you may enjoy.  If you are really serious about building a loft bed for the kids, you owe it to yourself and them to click on the links above to  learn more about building it safe and sound for them.  Besides, it’s time for you to be a star to your kids!

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