Loft Bed Plans You Really Can Do Yourself


Fall is just around the corner and so is college for good number of our students. If your memory is short

Loft Bed Plans showing how the cupboard and the shelves portion are assembled below the loft bed.

Cupboard and Shelf Assembly

or you have never seen most college dorm rooms for freshmen, you’ll be shocked how small they can be.  Some schools, like my alma mater, have been putting three kids in one room, which in my day, were only for two.  These are the dorm rooms for which loft bed plans were designed.

Loft Bed Plans Modification Tip for the Dorm Room

First cut all your structural members and drill the holes for the lag bolts.  If your plans don’t call for lag bolts, modify them so your bed is held together this way.  Just remember NOT to sacrifice safety when you do modify your plans.  Loft beds in dorm rooms are frequently treated rather roughly, especially by the guys.

Next, with your loft bed plans handy, go through a dry run of putting the bed together.  Do mark your plans so you can follow the order which is best for both the assembly and the subsequent “tear down”.   The reason you do this is for your own sanity.

You will probably arrive with your son or daughter on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in late August.  You and thousands of other kids and their parents.  All of you will be jockeying for space, the chance to help your youngster get settled, and hauling things back and forth as you move him or her into the dorm.  In a word, its a zoo.

Obviously, in your car or SUV, you will have brought the loft bed with you in pieces.  Believe me, you will thank yourself when all you have to do is whip out your loft bed plans for a quick review, then quickly bolt the bed back

Simple sketch of a single loft bed with a small desk and set of cabinets with a bookshelf hutch on top underneath.

Simple Loft Bed Plan with Small Desk and Cabinet with a Bookshelf Hutch

together, and finish by throwing the mattress up on top.  Bingo! You are done, and at the end of the year, just do the same thing in reverse and you will have the bed for another year or another college freshman.

The plans in the example pictured are in the package of plans offered on this website by our sponsor, Ted’s Woodworking.  There several different designs should this one not fit your needs.  Visit Ted’s Woodworking and see if his loft bed plans would suit your needs.