Loft Beds: Best Way to Effect a Neat Teen?

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A teenager’s room may just be close to a nightmare you can have in real time. No matter how much time and effort you put into reminders to keep their room tidy and pick up after themselves, it never seems to work.

Considering the lack of space and the amount of stuff teenagers seem to accumulate in such a short time, it makes you wonder how they manage to even find stuff in their room and actually sleep comfortably in the middle of chaos and disarray.

You’ve seen it and lived it … and at some point parents just need to pick up on strategies to encourage organization. Designer’s and human engineers make it a point to study and observe personality and habits of consumers to allow them a good perspective in their designs. A bed may just be a box with a mattress on top of it, which probably makes it just what it is for a teenager. Nothing more than a surface to dump things on and to lay upon. Even adults are guilty of this because of its accessibility to being an arms throw away from flinging almost anything you can get your hands on.

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Teen's Study Area Loft Bed -- Styles May Vary

But what if your bed was elevated a few good feet off the floor?

Would it be as easy to dump stuff on it if you had to make an over head toss and climb up and down to scavenge hunt? Loft beds could just be the thing to deter a teenager from polluting his bed space and his bedroom.

A loft bed is generally a raised bed. Whether it may have legs or be set on a platform, its height can vary from a few feet off the floor to towering overhead unit. Purchasing a loft bed for teens is a great solution for encouraging some organization skills. A loft bed has a mattress raised mattress with a wide space underneath to fully accommodate some great storage and organization devices for your teenager’s everyday stuff.

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Twin Metal Loft Bed with Full Size Futon Couch -- Colors & Styles May Vary

Due to its size and structural design, a loft bed becomes the focal point of a teenager’s bedroom making it an eyesore if your teenager let’s it go to chaos. Since they usually have a penchant for totally being embarrassed over just about any little ordinary thing, it would be great to stress how they wouldn’t want to emphasize how much of a slob they are to friends if they allow their loft bed to turn into a dump. There is a wide variety of loft bed design plans to keep this in the cool idea list of teenagers.

They can have enough storage space for clothes, shelves for books and drawers and chests for whatever else. Even more, you can turn that space underneath into a neat entertainment area for your teenager to plug their gizmos and gadgets into. Friends and sleepover guests will just think the coolest to just be able to sit there underneath a cozy alcove and since loft beds can also be built with trundles and convertible futons. If you’d like to see loft bed plans packages, Ted’s Woodworking is the place to visit.

Teenagers may be a tough bunch to crack, but with sneaky tactics and ideas you can out smart them and lead them to think that even the most uncool thing to do can just be the greatest thing they’ve ever learned from their moms and dads.