What Will You Do With the Extra Space?

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What Will I Do With the Space?

Do you know what you’d need or like to do if you had extra space in a room? Interestingly enough, if you know the answer to that question, then you know what to look for in the design you need for the loft bed you are going to build for yourself.

Computer stations, desks, bookshelves and drawers are common to college dorm rooms and older teen rooms. The reasons are obvious, as the youngster has reached a more serious and hopefully studious age.

Once you have found new space in the room after providing for a study area and ample storage, you now have the space of the bed freed up in that room. You can just revel in the space created or if need be add more dresser and closet space to a small room. You find loads of loft bed plans that are designed in this manner.  See pictures of all kinds of loft beds by visiting Flickrr, the photo share site.

On the other hand, what if you have a younger child with much different space needs? Smaller children usually need shelves for their books and toys, and space to play. Many types of loft bed plans are available that will suit their needs. Some even have tents underneath or look like castles with slides. Some of these might look ambitious for the newcomer to woodworking, but they can be easy if you buy the right set of quality loft bed plans. You and your child will be thrilled with the excitement of working together to change the room, but they will be positively delighted with the project when you are finished.

Choosing to build a loft bed has almost limitless possibilities for the room. If storage is the need, then beautiful designs exist that incorporate a wardrobe closet and a complete dresser and or shelves. Space is like time. We only have so much of it, and loft beds can truly change a small room into something livable.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas and a place to start, so don’t delay. Make your decision to move forward to either build your own or purchase the loft bed that is right for your needs. Nice loft beds seem to run between $1,200 and $3,000 dollars if you buy them, but you can certainly save a lot of money if you build it yourself. You may want to go ahead and

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What Fun for a Little Boy or Girl

buy the set of plans you’d like to use, then do comparative shopping. Check the prices of the loft beds you like against the value of your time, the cost of materials, how soon you need it finished. Then, do what is best for you. This fun tent bed can be priced at Amazon.com. Click here or on the picture of it to go directly to the page.

Should you decide to build it yourself, remember to pick quality materials as safety can be an issue if the structural strength of the bed is less than needed for its occupant. You’ll also want to choose designs with at least two or maybe even three rails to be sure a smaller child doesn’t roll out by mistake.

We certainly hope you decide to build it yourself but regardless. what we really hope is that you enjoy your new found space and that maybe this article has been helpful to you along the way.

Pictured is a loft bed - bunk bed combination in gorgeous hardwood with a small desk at one end.

Loft and Bunk Bed Combo

Making the Most of Sharing a Room with Cute Loft Beds for Girls and Boys

If your children have to share a room, there’s no need to build an addition.  Instead, find or create a good set of loft bed plans and build your own solution.  It’ll be much easier on your budget – and you know what?  Your kids will love it!

Sharing a room is often a necessity, and there is nothing wrong with that.  You can still give each child their own space and privacy, while creating more open floor space for play.  The great part about today’s great loft beds for girls and boys is that you can customize them to fit your children’s room as well as their personality.

Loft Bed Plans, Pre-cut beds,L-shaped loft beds, corner design, optimize space,desks and dressers underneath

L-Shaped Space Saving Twin Loft Bed

Here is just one design that is possible:  you have an L-shaped style, which updates the traditional bunk bed look.  The loft bed is accessible via a built-in ladder.  The lower bed has built-in storage towards the head of the bed, to make excellent use of the space that is created by the loft design.  In addition, there are drawers to one side of the lower bed, opposite the ladder, and a study space that can accommodate books, a computer, art supplies, or whatever your child needs.  All of this is presented in one compact package, rather than being spread out over the entire room.  You have much room space for play – or just free space!

The options for designs are unlimited, especially when you create your own loft bed plans based on what your children need.  You’ll find that they don’t mind sharing a room when they can each have their own private spaces.

Innovative Loft Beds for Girls and Boys

A child’s room is more than a place where she sleeps.  This is her space; it is her playroom, bedroom, living room, and sanctuary – or it should be!  When

Boy's indoor playhouse in bright red and it looks just like a fire station and unlike some loft beds, this one has the bed below and the play area or another bed above

Indoor Bright Red Playhouse

innovative loft bed plans for girls and boys are introduced to a bedroom, possibility and adventure await.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of loft beds for kids is that they can be customized to fit not only the space available, but the interests and tastes of the child.  Loft bed plans can be modified to suit your needs, and this is a terrific benefit because you can incorporate or work with the features in the room, such as windows, nooks, crannies, corners, or even a big open floor plan that needs to be shared among children.  This has a very practical purpose: you don’t want to design and build a bed that your child cannot easily get in or out of, nor do you want it to block the flow and floor space of the room.

Creating your own loft bed plans or modifying a set of plans allows you to choose a bed that will fit the room, its features, and most importantly, the child.  If you choose to buy loft bed plans, make sure you choose sets that include multiple variations that are possible so you can get the customized look and feel you want.  Safety is the first priority but also look for the ease of incorporating the features you want, whether it is a loft bed with a desk underneath, or L-shaped bunk beds.

Building loft beds themselves is not particularly difficult for the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) enthusiast, but choosing the right loft bed plans can be!  Choose carefully, and your child will have her dream room in no time.

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