Queen Size Loft Bed Plans Make Things Cozy & Roomy

If you’re dealing with cramped space issues in your home and need ample bedding and storage with style, why not look into purchasing a queen loft bed. There are many furniture companies who offer a wide variety of queen loft bed plans that can suit any personal preference or taste as well as serve good function.

When the ceiling is high and the floor space is low, you need a queen size loft bed

City Living in Style with Queen Loft Bed Above Dining Area

Loft beds are bunk beds that have evolved from being a plain old pair of beds stacked on top of each other to a bed which maximizes a small space. These days, bunk bed designs have taken a new personality and contemporary style to catch up with the times and changing needs of people. Thus, loft beds came into the market offering a versatile and creative design that comes with many features much cooler than its old bunk bed counterpart. Bunk beds would typically have 2 beds made of hard wood or metal/iron stacked on top of each other with sturdy bolts and screws. They come with ladders and safety railings and some form of basic linear design so as not to make it too bulky. As the years have gone by, more contemporary designs for bunk beds have emerged that included some form of storage or convertible beds you can turn into seating. Mostly, bunk beds are found in college dorms or children’s rooms as they seem to get a kick out of this design.

Adults who may not have outgrown a bunk bed can find a good surprise in many loft bed design plans. These can take your mattress needs as well as storage requirements into a well made sturdy structure that not only spells function but also boasts of contemporary appeal. Loft beds are still raised bed structures but may not necessarily include 2 beds. Instead of incorporating another bed, a loft bed can have a full work station below complete with storage and other add-ons. This may seem a bit juvenile if you’re sort of stuck on the conventional designs of loft beds, but you may want to have a look around online and search for loft bed design plans and you might just find out how many of our genius and creative minds have made so much design progress. A queen size loft bed can look just as sophisticated and functional for a corporate yuppie with limited living space in an expensive high rise apartment. With minimalist design features and colors, one can actually enjoy an elegant and whimsical design of a loft bed.

King or Queen size loft beds allow for much more room for your desk area.

Attractive Queen or King Loft Bed With Office Below

Virtual space offers so much for those who may want to explore the versatility of loft beds. Check for online stores that have extensive designs for any budget or space requirement and those who can even personally design your own and have it custom built to your preference. If you’re feeling handy, you may also build your own with the help of your trusty home improvement store and their professional staff who can help you pick the right tools and materials for this. You can also purchase readily available DIY and assemble units that may need a couple of hands and hours for you to put together on a not so busy day. As long as you know what you want and know where and how to get it, you are more than free to please yourself with a good loft bed design for your home.

High-End Loft Bed Plans With the Designer Flair
When Space Is An Object, But Money Is Not

When working space, comfort and functionality are put to the test in a room, one cannot compromise one for the other. A bedroom is a haven for a weary body and mind and having enough of both can work wonders for any

Amazing well designed loft bed perfectly accented with a couch below and a king size bed above

King Size Bed on King Size Design

individual utilizing this living space. A bed may be the biggest challenge for a room to functionally and decoratively incorporate into a working design since it is what the room serves its purpose for, to rest. One would need a sturdy and comfortable size to roll around in but with enough room to accommodate more activity in solace and a little bit more to enjoy some company.

Any bedroom design would always allow for a desk, some seating, storage and shelving as well as a good amount of floor space for twister games. But not all bedrooms can afford that much space for these. Hence, we make the most out of available space with some good ole furniture design. In the past, we called them bunk beds. These are wooden or metal beds stacked on top of each other to maximize space. A ladder is built into the design to allow the top sleeper easy access along with a safety rail to keep them from falling off the edge.  Loft bed plans over the years have taken these bunk beds further and creatively put in functional features such as a futon that you can use as a couch during daytime. These days, bunk beds serve more of a purpose than what they merely are and have now evolved into loft beds. Wooden loft beds are far more functional and aesthetic as it only has a top bunk with a space underneath designed to house a work desk, drawers, shelves, a chest and even a mini closet. Some designs even have trundle beds and full size work stations.

Definitely, the utilitarian bunk bed has revolutionized itself into a design masterpiece of ingenuity and function and top form. Of course they cost more because of its storage capacity and the type of timber they use to ensure its durability. Pine is generally used or any solid hard wood. You can easily assemble this with the help of a buddy and a couple of wrenches, a screw driver and a hammer. This will generally take you about two hours of sweating to get this done but it is fail-safe. Wooden loft beds are heavily and

Loft bed plans, Boy's loft bed with study area below made of beautiful walnut

Dark Walnut Boy's Loft Bed with Study Area

tightly bolted to keep it from wobbling or shaking. Depends on how much elbow grease you can put into it, if you feel like you don’t have the right muscles for this Do-it-yourself project, it is best you bring in some handy friends or family for this.

Should you decide that a conventional bed is far too boring for your taste, you may want to consider a loft bed. It looks cool and provides you with almost everything you need for a functional bedroom and working space. Kids will thrive in their design, however make sure these have safety standard measurements to ensure children don’t fall off or fall through spaces. Teenagers also benefit most from these as they always seem to need something they can grow into over the years and still manage to keep an awesome design factor they can appreciate even way after they have moved out of your house.

Loft Beds — Modern Contemporary Works of Art

Loft beds may just about be one of the coolest sleeping units ever designed today. From its humble origin of the dull looking bunk bed, loft beds have broken through the ever growing need for space maximizing, storage and organization.

Bunk beds have long served its occupants with somewhat comfortable sleeping arrangements however tricky it may be to drag your inebriated self

contemporary modern and designer youngster's loft bed with a loft desk too

Two Level Contemporary Youngster's Loft Bed and Loft Desk

up the top bunk. This fact could be a part of every college co-ed’s night life but worth making a Kodak moment out of. Loft beds are just like bunk beds but without a lower bunk. It is a raised bed that can accommodate a number of features and add-ons underneath. Designers have made it possible to make this versatile piece of furniture look as traditional or contemporary to suit its potential occupant. They come in hard wood models as well as in lightweight yet sturdy metal. Since it is elevated, make sure the legs and joints are screwed and bolted together tightly to keep it from wobbling and shaking every time you move. More so to keep it from collapsing. You wouldn’t want to wake up wondering if you were dreaming of falling when your loft bed collapses in the middle of the night.

If you’re looking for a versatile bed without compromising your cramped contemporary interiors, you need not fret about foregoing function nor style to make the most out of your bedroom space. There are quite a number of stores on line that offer a wide variety of contemporary loft beds that can leave you wondering how much creative juice its designer had to keep flowing to come up with a great design.

Should you have a knack at designing and building, there are a number of design loft bed plans out there that provide you with easy to follow and detailed instructions to help build your loft bed from scratch. The great thing about living today is how much of what we need is readily available at a click of a mouse.

Online stores are great sources for designs whether or not you plan to purchase them or if you’re just browsing through to make your own masterpiece.

However, if you’re not much into handy work, but don’t mind breaking a little sweat, the best of the best are out there for you to explore. If you’re looking for contemporary loft beds, Ikea is one of the most popular furniture retail stores that offer contemporary lines and designs for almost any kind of furniture or fixture you need or fancy. It has more than 200 stores all over the world and maintains a good share of consumers who enjoy its minimalist

New York City Apartment with Modern Loft Bed Design

Spiral Stairs Up to Heaven Above

designs and minimal effort required to assemble their furniture pieces. Not only do online stores like Ikea and Amazon provide you with contemporary and functional furniture, it is affordable for most consumers to buy.

There are many other stores out there that offer affordable design plans for your loft bed needs. Apart from that, you can also find those that offer financing and easy payment plans. Make sure to check for the BBB logo to ensure that these stores are registered with the Better Business Bureau and keep you confident that whatever product flaw you may encounter, you can easily fight for your consumer rights.

Any piece of furniture is an investment. And any investment has a good price tag attached to it. A loft bed is a relevant piece of furniture that can out last years of use. That is, if you’ve managed to purchase a good deal from a reputable manufacturer. A contemporary or traditional loft bed should take you through generations that will let you enjoy it for many years.

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