Tapping Into Unused Space With Loft Bed Plans


Do you sometimes feel like your house is just like a

The trundle, dresser, pull-out desk top, loft bed for a home office guest room or for a youngster's room

Loft Bed Fits Anywhere and Does It All

warehouse, full of stuff? We are all conditioned to think in terms of square feet when we think of our homes, but if we really did live in a warehouse, we would think in terms of cubic feet instead.  So lets adjust our thinking beginning with the bedrooms and a good set of loft bed plans.   Like the warehouse, we are going to start thinking up, not out.

Going Up or Cubic Square Feet

Three dimensional planning and the effective use of “air space” in a room will give you more floor space, higher up.  The only real limit is  the height of your ceiling.  A standard set of loft bed plans calls for the top of the mattress to be at six feet off the floor, which allows for little head room if the ceiling is only eight feet.  However, you will find there are so many different designs of loft beds, leaving you limited only by your imagination as to how you will use the newly created floor space below your raised bed.

When your ceilings are low, try a design which includes a dresser beneath the bed.  Besides the obvious advantage of working in a room with eight foot ceilings, it might also be the safer height if this is a young child’s room.  Should it be the guest room, it may be easier for your guests to use too.

Desks underneath which allow for a desk top to be moved safely out of the way when not in use are fairly unique.  See the one pictured.   If the room had wall space for two twin beds, then dressers could be under one of the beds and a desk under the other.  This might be a very comfortable room for the teenager or for  overnight guests.

Guests are frequently relegated to futons or air mattresses when they arrive because your spare room is an office.  With loft bed plans and a good design, you can have your office and a comfortable place for your guests to sleep.

Here at Loft Bed Plans, we are hesitant to make

For the younger child, a lower loft bed with drawers and shelve underneath and a small side desk.

Safety First Lower Loft Bed with Guardrails, Drawers, Book Shelves and Small Desk

recommendations to our readers with these two exceptions.  Not only do you receive ninety-five (95) different designs in loft bed plans, but you also receive thousands of other outstanding home improvement woodworking projects that are sure to interest you.

So, take a minute to visit the two web sites above.  Then, be ready to make the decision to build your loft bed project today.