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Working At His Desk Beneath His Loft Bed

Designed to Save Space
Guardrails Make Them Safe

Loft bed plans are a top choice for people to use when they want to maximize their bedroom space. You can choose from a variety of plans and designs that range from the ultra simplistic to those that are amazingly complex.

With a loft bed you are doubling or tripling the amount of floor space in a room by raising the bed frame and mattress from the floor and utilizing additional spaces along the walls and near the ceiling.

When you move your bed from the floor you uncover a great deal of unused space that is now open and available for desks, dressers, play areas or storage space. Since you are creating functional spaces directly under the bed itself you are getting at least twice the amount of use from the same square footage.

Lower loft bed, small children, safety, loft bed plans

Lower Bed with Storage and Guardrail

Choosing the best loft bed plans for your home environment should be based on the room’s primary occupant. If you are planning on installing a loft bed design in a smaller child’s room you may want to choose a design that is raised only 3-4 feet from the surface of the floor. This will still give you ample room to create a play area or study space under the raised bed.

Smaller kids like the feel and look of a raised bed design but they are also comforted by the fact that the mattress is still at a height that is comfortable for them. You may also want to choose loft bed plans that have additional guard rails along the sides to prevent accidental falls to the floor. A ladder that fits onto the bed frame is also a welcome and necessary part of any type of loft bed plans for younger kids.

Teens and college students tend to favor loft bed plans that are a little more daring in the design. Some of these beds have heights that easily measure 5-6 feet from the surface of the floor.

A desk, dresser, entertainment center, and bed...  an elaborate loft bed design.

Well Designed Loft Bed - Dorm Room Perfect

This taller height is more suited for teenagers and gives them adequate room to create comfortable privacy and study areas directly under the bed.

While many people will choose to purchase a loft bed from a furniture vendor others may want to be a little more creative and construct their own. Some of these loft bed plans are designed so that the bed frame rests on top of two chests or a chest and desk which makes them the simplest of all to build.

There are other designs that are much more complex. You do not have to select a bed plan that is very elaborate if you are planning to build one by hand. All you need is the basic frame. Then once you have this unit in place

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Excerpt from Loft Bed Plans

you can purchase storage units, a computer desk and other furnishings that will fit neatly in the amount of space that is present underneath the bed itself.

Today there are a number of easy to construct designs for loft beds that almost anyone can build in a single weekend. You can build the bed frames and storage units from wood and you will only need some basic hand held tools to get the job done. If you find that you are not very skilled with basic woodworking and home construction projects you can still select the loft bed plans that you like and then have someone else handle the actual construction process for you.

Loft Beds: Best Way to Effect a Neat Teen?

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Vibrant Colors in This Youthful Loft Bed - Colors May Vary

A teenager’s room may just be close to a nightmare you can have in real time. No matter how much time and effort you put into reminders to keep their room tidy and pick up after themselves, it never seems to work.

Considering the lack of space and the amount of stuff teenagers seem to accumulate in such a short time, it makes you wonder how they manage to even find stuff in their room and actually sleep comfortably in the middle of chaos and disarray.

You’ve seen it and lived it … and at some point parents just need to pick up on strategies to encourage organization. Designer’s and human engineers make it a point to study and observe personality and habits of consumers to allow them a good perspective in their designs. A bed may just be a box with a mattress on top of it, which probably makes it just what it is for a teenager. Nothing more than a surface to dump things on and to lay upon. Even adults are guilty of this because of its accessibility to being an arms throw away from flinging almost anything you can get your hands on.

teen loft bed, loft bed plans for teens, study area loft bed

Teen's Study Area Loft Bed -- Styles May Vary

But what if your bed was elevated a few good feet off the floor?

Would it be as easy to dump stuff on it if you had to make an over head toss and climb up and down to scavenge hunt? Loft beds could just be the thing to deter a teenager from polluting his bed space and his bedroom.

A loft bed is generally a raised bed. Whether it may have legs or be set on a platform, its height can vary from a few feet off the floor to towering overhead unit. Purchasing a loft bed for teens is a great solution for encouraging some organization skills. A loft bed has a mattress raised mattress with a wide space underneath to fully accommodate some great storage and organization devices for your teenager’s everyday stuff.

futon loft bed, couch loft bed, twin loft bed, metal loft bed, teen loft bed

Twin Metal Loft Bed with Full Size Futon Couch -- Colors & Styles May Vary

Due to its size and structural design, a loft bed becomes the focal point of a teenager’s bedroom making it an eyesore if your teenager let’s it go to chaos. Since they usually have a penchant for totally being embarrassed over just about any little ordinary thing, it would be great to stress how they wouldn’t want to emphasize how much of a slob they are to friends if they allow their loft bed to turn into a dump. There is a wide variety of loft bed design plans to keep this in the cool idea list of teenagers.

They can have enough storage space for clothes, shelves for books and drawers and chests for whatever else. Even more, you can turn that space underneath into a neat entertainment area for your teenager to plug their gizmos and gadgets into. Friends and sleepover guests will just think the coolest to just be able to sit there underneath a cozy alcove and since loft beds can also be built with trundles and convertible futons. If you’d like to see loft bed plans packages, Ted’s Woodworking is the place to visit.

Teenagers may be a tough bunch to crack, but with sneaky tactics and ideas you can out smart them and lead them to think that even the most uncool thing to do can just be the greatest thing they’ve ever learned from their moms and dads.

Loft Beds with a Desk Will Double Your Space!


How much room could a small child take up? You’d be surprised!  When space is tight, lofts with desk options help you maximize what you

Beautiful white with pink accents is this perfect loft bed for a girl which can grow with her by providing a make-up area as well as a computer desk and a bookshelf.

Girls' Loft Bed with a Desk and Vanity


Loft beds have always been a smart, efficient use of space; like skyscrapers, they stretch vertically, instead of horizontally.

Typically, we think in terms of floor space, when we really should be thinking in terms of cubic footage.  That’s a lot more space – and you’ll certainly find a use for it.  Lofts raise the bed and open up that much more space below for anything from play area to storage.

Loft bed plans which include a desk provide a convenient, efficient space for studying, reading, drawing, and homework.  What’s even better is that desks typically take up only a third of the space under the bed.  That room can be used for storage – or nothing.  Imagine having free space.  You can also find loft plans that allow for rearranging, so you can accommodate a child’s growing needs and preferences.

Convenience isn’t the only factor to look for with lofts; you also want comfort and safety.  Loft beds typically accommodate a twin, but you can find those that will fit a double bed, which makes these perfect for small children, as well as teenagers.  Look for safety ratings from the US Consumer Product Safety

Beautiful rich walnut finish on this loft bed with desk for a boy

Rich Looking Loft Bed with Desk for Boys

Commission so you know that the wood or metal bed can stand up to rough child use and will hold your child as safely as you would.

You may care about safety, but your child wants fun.  Loft beds with desk options are endless; you can find those designed for small children with bright colors and fun features, like slides, but you can also find more mature colors and themes that will be able to grow with your child, even when he hits the picky teenage years.

Loft beds with desk and storage features are the perfect way to maximize space and make a small room feel much bigger – and much more fun.

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