Affordable City Apartments Anything But Spacious

I remember visiting a young friend of our daughter’s while in New York City.  As we walked up to the building,  I thought, this looks nice.  Then we stepped

Small quarters in this efficiency apartment are enlarged by 42 square feet by using a loft bed futon couch below combo.

Stylish Space Savers

into his room.  Yes his room, not an apartment in my mind at all.  He really should have bought some decent loft bed plans and built one himself.  As it was his furniture was so close together you could hardly squeeze through and we had come for dinner.  Some of us sat on the bed while others sat on the couch with the dining room table in between us to eat.  Food was great, but the restaurant was a bit short on atmosphere.

Had he owned a futon couch, queen size loft bed combo, there would have been plenty of room for his table and chairs, his bed and his couch and coffee table.  In fact, it would have been perfect for his one room apartment.  His queen size bed required over 33 square feet of floor, as a loft bed it would have made his living space about 25% bigger.  What a space generator that would have been.

Designs of loft beds are almost endless. You can find wooden ones, metal ones, and some in acrylics.  The bed is up top and depending upon its size, you’ll gain that much room below for a couch, or a small office, or for storage.  Metal frames are popular and contemporary in design as a rule.  The wooden ones range from contemporary to classic traditional.

When you choose your futon hardware for down below, be sure to install the type that is sometimes called a “wall hugger” because it needs about 6″ of clearance when being pulled out and flattened into the bed it really is.  This may not seem important, but if you are in an apartment and the futon is slept on every night, it must be convenient to convert unless keeping your apartment looking tidy and neat is of no consequence.

Another point to consider when buying the futon itself is how frequently someone will be using it.  Futons can be quite uncomfortable for sleeping every night, especially if they are in the lower price ranges.  While budget is always a consideration with most of us, like any other good mattress’

comfort, you get what you pay for.  Do treat the purchase just as you would any other mattress.  Lie on the store model and decide whether or not you could sleep there every night.  If the answer is yes, then and only then, should you seriously consider making that purchase.

The final step is choosing the Futon’s cover.  Keep in mind that choosing your

Silver metal finish with black and white toned covers for both the bed overhead as well as the futon couch below.

Contemporary Style Futon Lower and Twin Upper

cover is no less important than choosing the covering on your living room couch.  After all, by day the futon is your couch.  Many choices are out there, so we certainly will leave than choice up to you and your decorator.

By comparison to conventional furniture, loft beds are quite reasonable to purchase.  Most run between $1,200 and $3,200.  If you can afford to buy one, we would encourage you to do that, but if you want to save some money, it can be done if you build it yourself.  We know these woodworking projects turn out extremely well assuming you buy quality loft bed plans prior to starting the project.  Be sure to buy the type with step by step instructions and lists of not only the tools you will need but also the supplies.