Pictured is a loft bed - bunk bed combination in gorgeous hardwood with a small desk at one end.

Loft and Bunk Bed Combo

Making the Most of Sharing a Room with Cute Loft Beds for Girls and Boys

If your children have to share a room, there’s no need to build an addition.  Instead, find or create a good set of loft bed plans and build your own solution.  It’ll be much easier on your budget – and you know what?  Your kids will love it!

Sharing a room is often a necessity, and there is nothing wrong with that.  You can still give each child their own space and privacy, while creating more open floor space for play.  The great part about today’s great loft beds for girls and boys is that you can customize them to fit your children’s room as well as their personality.

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L-Shaped Space Saving Twin Loft Bed

Here is just one design that is possible:  you have an L-shaped style, which updates the traditional bunk bed look.  The loft bed is accessible via a built-in ladder.  The lower bed has built-in storage towards the head of the bed, to make excellent use of the space that is created by the loft design.  In addition, there are drawers to one side of the lower bed, opposite the ladder, and a study space that can accommodate books, a computer, art supplies, or whatever your child needs.  All of this is presented in one compact package, rather than being spread out over the entire room.  You have much room space for play – or just free space!

The options for designs are unlimited, especially when you create your own loft bed plans based on what your children need.  You’ll find that they don’t mind sharing a room when they can each have their own private spaces.