Innovative Loft Beds for Girls and Boys

A child’s room is more than a place where she sleeps.  This is her space; it is her playroom, bedroom, living room, and sanctuary – or it should be!  When

Boy's indoor playhouse in bright red and it looks just like a fire station and unlike some loft beds, this one has the bed below and the play area or another bed above

Indoor Bright Red Playhouse

innovative loft bed plans for girls and boys are introduced to a bedroom, possibility and adventure await.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of loft beds for kids is that they can be customized to fit not only the space available, but the interests and tastes of the child.  Loft bed plans can be modified to suit your needs, and this is a terrific benefit because you can incorporate or work with the features in the room, such as windows, nooks, crannies, corners, or even a big open floor plan that needs to be shared among children.  This has a very practical purpose: you don’t want to design and build a bed that your child cannot easily get in or out of, nor do you want it to block the flow and floor space of the room.

Creating your own loft bed plans or modifying a set of plans allows you to choose a bed that will fit the room, its features, and most importantly, the child.  If you choose to buy loft bed plans, make sure you choose sets that include multiple variations that are possible so you can get the customized look and feel you want.  Safety is the first priority but also look for the ease of incorporating the features you want, whether it is a loft bed with a desk underneath, or L-shaped bunk beds.

Building loft beds themselves is not particularly difficult for the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) enthusiast, but choosing the right loft bed plans can be!  Choose carefully, and your child will have her dream room in no time.