Upscale Loft Bed Plans for Boys and Girls


How do you make a child’s day? Give them the freedom and opportunity to imagine and be creative and play.  This is what the best loft beds for kids do

Complete with turrets and vines on the the walls, the fairy princess of the house can climb her magic stairs up to the comfort of her loft bed atop the castle

A Fairy Princess Dream Castle

– and you can find incredible designs that are far from ordinary.

When you were a kid, “loft beds” may have been a fancy way to say bunk beds!  Today, though, you’ll find a beautiful array of options from a raised bed with a simple play area underneath to L-shaped configurations for two beds.  There are also loft beds for kids that take the idea and run wild with it.

Imagine being a child and seeing this as you walk into your room:  a castle, complete with turrets awaits its princess.  She can walk regally up the stairs and lounge in royal beauty, looking out over and surveying her land.  There are loft designs that replicate castles – albeit on a very small, child-friendly scale!  Or imagine climbing a tree in your room?  Loft beds for boys and girls

Tarzan the ape man would have been proud of this tree house loft bed for a boy's room with a hollow section of the tree and a comfy place to sleep in the branches

An Indoor Tree House for Tarzan Junior

can have a great backyard camping feel to them with a raised platform that looks like a big tree house, complete with ladder, and a quick escape slide.  Underneath, you can explore the hollow of the tree, looking for bears and bats.

These beds are so spectacular, their designs so creative, that you’ll wish you weren’t a boring old grownup yet!  They also give children a place where they can explore and have an adventure – and where they will be safe and comfy after every daring excursion.

Best of all for parents on a budget, loft bed plans are available that make building these theme beds possible for about a third of the price of those found in retail furniture stores.  So make your child happy on his or her special day by building a kid’s dream of a loft bed of their own.