Loft Beds Provide Room to Work or Play


Twin up top, simple loft bed plans for study work in desk below.

Simply Save Money: Use Loft Bed Plans

Living in a college dorm can just be one of those times in your life worth recording in HD. What with all the stories that come with your everyday routine to those out of whack days and nights of just regressing to Party U.

Although college dorms may not have the same feel of your home or have that familiar beacon your bed has at home, as long as everything looks cool and lets you do all the things you need to do, it all works out well. Sleep could be the last thing on a college co-ed’s mind or it may just be the only thing they deny themselves of because of too many things going on everyday. But however much sleep they would allow themselves to enjoy, college loft beds are heaven sent for them.

Loft beds are just like those old style bunk beds but have now taken on a new form. Instead of having just two beds stacked on top of each other, college loft beds have a big space underneath to allow for a desk, shelves, drawers, a chest or even hanging rods for clothes and what not. You can even put in a convertible futon to enable you seat and accommodate guests and all-nighters for a study group.

L-shaped twin loft beds with storage under each are a unique space saver

Go L-Shaped for a Spacious Look

Prior to purchasing a loft bed for your kids in college, make sure the school will allow them to set this up or if they allow DIY structures. Some college dorms don’t allow loft bed structures due to possible safety liabilities. Check with the college dorm administration on the kind of beds or loft bed designs they allow for students to use.

With a chaotic everyday college life, a loft bed offers so much organizational promise. However, look for one that is sturdy and easy to climb in and out of. Safety should be your first concern and point of consideration when shopping for a loft bed. If you’re known to fall out of bed every once in a while, this may not be the wisest bed of choice for you. You only need a one time incident to get you messed up. Although they do come with built in safety rails it might still be a factor to consider if you ever sleep walk or have pretty active dreams.

Try to find a model that isn’t too bulky, heavy or tricky to assemble since you might need to transfer dorms at some point or move your bed every so often for some reason or another in your room. Make an effort to find out specific

All your living and space needs answered in this all-in-one loft bed design

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measurements of floor space and room dimensions of the dorm prior to buying a loft bed. If this is a DIY loft bed, be sure to your handy skills and hired handy help are equipped with the know-how to understand what they are doing. A badly assembled bed can lead to some unthinkable accidents in your sleep.

A loft bed can be a costly investment but can just be well worth your dollar if you have studied every aspect of your purchase. Its price can take you from a few hundred dollars to a good few thousand dollars. But do keep in mind the versatility of its features and add-ons. You can use this anywhere and everywhere life takes you. Now, if you are handy and the budget is tight, loft bed plans are available which will provide you with complete directions on how to make your own. Single sets of loft bed plans are available here from, or you can find an amazingly large package of woodworking plans for literally thousands of sets of plans from Ted’s Woodworking. Both are excellent sources, but it is really hard to beat the package Ted has put together for homeowners.