Loft Beds — Modern Contemporary Works of Art

Loft beds may just about be one of the coolest sleeping units ever designed today. From its humble origin of the dull looking bunk bed, loft beds have broken through the ever growing need for space maximizing, storage and organization.

Bunk beds have long served its occupants with somewhat comfortable sleeping arrangements however tricky it may be to drag your inebriated self

contemporary modern and designer youngster's loft bed with a loft desk too

Two Level Contemporary Youngster's Loft Bed and Loft Desk

up the top bunk. This fact could be a part of every college co-ed’s night life but worth making a Kodak moment out of. Loft beds are just like bunk beds but without a lower bunk. It is a raised bed that can accommodate a number of features and add-ons underneath. Designers have made it possible to make this versatile piece of furniture look as traditional or contemporary to suit its potential occupant. They come in hard wood models as well as in lightweight yet sturdy metal. Since it is elevated, make sure the legs and joints are screwed and bolted together tightly to keep it from wobbling and shaking every time you move. More so to keep it from collapsing. You wouldn’t want to wake up wondering if you were dreaming of falling when your loft bed collapses in the middle of the night.

If you’re looking for a versatile bed without compromising your cramped contemporary interiors, you need not fret about foregoing function nor style to make the most out of your bedroom space. There are quite a number of stores on line that offer a wide variety of contemporary loft beds that can leave you wondering how much creative juice its designer had to keep flowing to come up with a great design.

Should you have a knack at designing and building, there are a number of design loft bed plans out there that provide you with easy to follow and detailed instructions to help build your loft bed from scratch. The great thing about living today is how much of what we need is readily available at a click of a mouse.

Online stores are great sources for designs whether or not you plan to purchase them or if you’re just browsing through to make your own masterpiece.

However, if you’re not much into handy work, but don’t mind breaking a little sweat, the best of the best are out there for you to explore. If you’re looking for contemporary loft beds, Ikea is one of the most popular furniture retail stores that offer contemporary lines and designs for almost any kind of furniture or fixture you need or fancy. It has more than 200 stores all over the world and maintains a good share of consumers who enjoy its minimalist

New York City Apartment with Modern Loft Bed Design

Spiral Stairs Up to Heaven Above

designs and minimal effort required to assemble their furniture pieces. Not only do online stores like Ikea and Amazon provide you with contemporary and functional furniture, it is affordable for most consumers to buy.

There are many other stores out there that offer affordable design plans for your loft bed needs. Apart from that, you can also find those that offer financing and easy payment plans. Make sure to check for the BBB logo to ensure that these stores are registered with the Better Business Bureau and keep you confident that whatever product flaw you may encounter, you can easily fight for your consumer rights.

Any piece of furniture is an investment. And any investment has a good price tag attached to it. A loft bed is a relevant piece of furniture that can out last years of use. That is, if you’ve managed to purchase a good deal from a reputable manufacturer. A contemporary or traditional loft bed should take you through generations that will let you enjoy it for many years.