For the Grownups –  King Size Loft Beds


Many of the loft bed plans that you see help us build twin size lofts, which are excellent for anyone from a 5 year old princess to a 19 year old dorm

Pictured is a king size loft bed with an office area directly underneath and with a full dresser at one end providing storage as well as extra support for the bed.

King Size Loft Bed with Office

student.  But, while these beds are certainly convenient, they can be a bit small for adults.  If you are looking though, don’t worry you can find great loft bed  plans that accommodate a larger bed sizes.

Why would someone even bother with a king size loft bed?  Consider it if you have a studio apartment or a very small bedroom, and space is tight.  There is room for your king size bed – but not much left for your bookshelves, clothing, dresser, or desk.  In a studio, it is not uncommon to have to choose between a bed or a sitting area.

This is exactly why you need to find a great set of king size loft bed plans.  Another reason why building a king loft is not a bother but a brilliant idea:  the real estate under a king size bed is 42 square feet.  You are letting that 42 square feet go to waste if you don’t have a loft!

King size loft bed plans are more uncommon than twin size, and many people do not realize that they can actually build a structure that will support the

Pictured is a loft bed with a ladder and book shelves which act as supports for the bed and form the walls of the the study tucked directly under the bed itself.

Library or Den Under King Size Loft Bed

additional weight of a bigger mattress.  You just have to be cautious about putting the correct weight bearing supports in.  Then with your bed placed securely at the top of the loft, you have all that space freed up for a sitting area – put in a big bean bag, futon, or comfy chairs.

You could also create a home office in that space, use it for books, store your clothes, or stash your bike or other bigger equipment that you can’t find a home for.  There are so many benefits to these great loft bed plans. They use space so efficiently that you will wonder why you ever thought your room was tiny.