Girls’ Loft Beds –  Nothing But the Best


Beautiful white with pink accents is this perfect loft bed for a girl which can grow with her by providing a make-up area as well as a computer desk and a bookshelf.

For Girls Only Loft Bed with a Desk and Vanity

No two girls are the same; they are not all princesses, they are not all tomboys.  Some are neither, and some are both.  This is why great loft bed plans are perfect for girls: they are unique, and they allow the little girl in your life to be herself.  Simply modifying the design a little lets you accommodate her interests, tastes, and needs.

The first thing that you will notice about loft bed plans for kids is that they are so different – and fun.  You can find designs ranging from pirate ships and tree houses to castles.  A lot of the loft bed plans for girls center around princess and castle themes, but you are certainly never limited to that.  It is the features, more so than the actual design elements, that will make the biggest difference.  What do we mean?  Say you want a castle loft bed for your child.  The details make the bed exciting and welcoming, but it also contains a host of fun, useful features, such as:

  • Stairs or a ladder.
  • The bed, of course!
  • Built-in storage cubbies and shelves.
  • Space underneath for storage, a desk, or a fort worthy of a princess.
  • Slides.
Bunk Bed Twin Bed Castle for Girls Room.

Spectacular Bunk Bed Castle for Little Girls

While the appearance is rather “girly,” for lack of a better word, the features ensure that your princess can have adventure after adventure with her castle as the backdrop.  With loft bed plans, you can always modify colors, patterns, and accessories later.  The main features, though, will be favorites for years to come.