Turn Your Children’s Closet Bedroom into a Really Nice Room

The age of your child will be the dictator of how they would like to have their room enlarged by a new loft bed.  Read more to find out how you can

A boy's, too cool for words, loft loft bed with an extended tent hideout play area underneath and a slide for a quick way down

Slide Down and Play in Your Hideout Tent

be the “hero of the day” by giving your youngster choices in the remodeling of his or her bedroom into a more spacious place.

We all know what bunk beds are; simply, one bed stacked atop another.  The loft bed is similar, however instead of another bed below, the brand new space created by raising the bed is used to make the room more livable.  It might be a play area for the younger child, or a study work area for a teenager.

The design choices are as endless as when you shop for a prom dress later.  That’s another reason to let them pick the design they want.  You’ll find if you use quality loft bed plans even the most ornate loft bed are easily built and for far less money than you’d spend to buy it ready-made.

If you have two children sharing a room with twin beds, there are also loft bed plans which could make possible two study areas and a more spacious room in which to enter.  There are L-shaped plans for use in corners, arrangements for two separate beds on separate walls, or even the possibility of butting two loft beds together with divided work areas below each bed.

Our experience has been that having several sets of plans from which to choose is the best way to start this project….  even if you end up deciding to buy your loft bed online or in a furniture store.  There are few, if any, books or magazines that will show very many designs.  On the other hand, draftsmen who package several sets of plans together can give you more

As pictured, this space saving corner arrangement of two twin loft beds with work space under each bed

L-Shaped Loft Beds with Space for Two

design selection.  Not only will you have selection, but you will already have your plans as well.

Rarely do we recommend vendors, but there are two we have found who give you several sets of loft bed plans from which to choose, but who also include literally thousands of other household woodworking project plans you may enjoy.  If you are really serious about building a loft bed for the kids, you owe it to yourself and them to click on the links above to  learn more about building it safe and sound for them.  Besides, it’s time for you to be a star to your kids!