Off to College Your Freshman Year

Most colleges and universities across the county still require incoming freshman to live in campus housing.  For most

L-Shaped set of twin loft beds with a dresser underneath the short leg of the L and a desk at the end of that short leg

Study Room, Storage Room, and Space for Yourself in the Dorm

freshmen, that means at least one, and maybe two, roommates.  Our daughter went to school where we did, and actually lived in one wing of the dorm in which I had lived as a freshman some thirty-one years before.  There was one main difference, however.  The rooms were designed for two people, but she had two roommates.  If two is company, then three was really a crowd in this instance.

That first year of college can be quite an adjustment for many youngsters, so when practical, the more comfortable the dorm room is, the more likely it will become a refuge like home and a place for study.  Over crowded conditions can make study next to impossible.  If more space could be provided, then each occupant would have some space to themselves.

Here is where those loft bed plans come in to play.  Many really nice loft beds can cost over $3,000, but those same beds can be built from loft bed plans for less than half that price.  If constructed properly those same beds can be disassembled at the end of the school year and used year after year.  A small price to pay to make learning easier and more likely.

These dorm rooms usually have one small closet on each side, two beds, two desks and one double dresser.  With three people in them and using one bunk bed, there would still only be space remaining for the same two desks, and the one double dresser, and literally no closet space for the last one to arrive.

However, if you put an L-shaped loft bed and a regular twin loft bed in the room, the kids would be fine.  By choosing the best designs from the loft bed plans, it would be possible to have a wardrobe at the end of one of the L-Shaped beds and a desk at the end of the other.  This would allow for a double dresser and a desk underneath and create an extra closet, dresser, and desk.

The other side of the room could accommodate a standard loft bed with storage and a desk below.  If the university’s standard issue desks and double dresser are removed, there would be room for all and each student would have his or her own space in the room.

Spacious work desk area below the twin bed of this loft bed design

The Third Roommate's Bed

The amount of space created by the use of loft beds seems amazing however, it simply represents the square footage occupied by the extra long twin beds.  The amount of space gained by raising the three beds is over 68 square feet.  the foot print hasn’t changed, but the useful area of the beds has doubled where those beds were.

If useful space for your college or high school age student is too cramped, consider building a loft bed from loft bed plans.  The student in your life will love you, and you will gain much self satisfaction from finishing such and appreciated project.