Finding the Extra Room You Couldn’t Afford

Corner bookshelves support and enhance this king size loft bed atop a home office

King Size Bed Over Office

Did you know there are ways you can increase the size of your apartment without paying more in rent? If you live in the big city, you know how small the apartments can be for the price you pay to live there.  For instance, a king size loft bed can create an extra forty-two (42) square feet (s.f.) of living area in your home or apartment.  This is comparable to half the size of a small bedroom.

In some studio

Imagine eating dinner and breakfast under your hidden loft bed

Dining Nook Under Loft Bed

apartments there is simply no room for a dining area.  But what if the space your bed takes up could be raised and a dining area created underneath.  That is exactly what these people did.  What a lovely small, but ample, size dining area they created.

A decorating masterpiece, and perfect for the true studio apartment. This is truly one of  my favorites, the king size bed over the living room and the dining area.  If you look closely you will see the stools in the back of the couch at a little counter.

Decorator perfect king size loft bed with a counter dining area and a living room couch down below

Studio Designer Excellence

As you can see here, you are only limited by your own imagination.  use the space you have to create your own little castle.  There is no reason at today’s prices for fabrics and covers that you can’t live like a king in your own tiny castle.  Don’t you just love loft beds?  I do.