Safe and Sound for the Ones You Love

Your kids will love you, and you will love using plans and building a loft bed for far less than you would pay to buy one online or in a store. What is even more important though, is the steps you must take to ensure your loved one has a safe and sturdy place to sleep. Be sure to follow your loft bed plans

Simple sketch of a single loft bed with a small desk and set of cabinets with a bookshelf hutch on top underneath.

Simple Loft Bed Plan with Small Desk and Cabinet with a Bookshelf Hutch

carefully, as well as the safety suggestions and guidelines that follow. Remember, your loved one’s safety depends upon you.

Safety of Younger Children

We think of children whenever we think of Loft or Bunk Beds, but remember very young children often do not consider all the risks that height presents. Most loft beds are six feet off the ground, and it is not recommended that children under six years of age ever be placed in the beds that high. Guardrails should be around these beds, a night light should be provided, and the children should be required to only climb up or down using the ladder provided.

Height Measurements Are Important

When building or buying a loft bed or a bunk bed for the children’s room, the height measurements are critical. If building bunk beds, be sure the top bed is high enough to allow for entry and exit to the lower bunk comfortably. The space should be great enough to avoid head injuries when the person naturally attempts to get out of the bed. This also hold true in a loft bed with regard to the clearance from the mattress to the ceiling. A traditional six foot loft bed would not be appropriate for a bedroom with an eight foot ceiling. The loft bed height should be modified accordingly to avoid injury. This will possibly limit the use of the space beneath the loft bed, but safety trumps all else.

Take Special Care in Building the Ladder

The ladder is the most important part of the project and the most difficult to build. Never scrimp on the quality of wood used to build a loft bed, espcially the ladder. Hardwood should be chosen and the rungs should be evenly spaced. Take care to cut each step exactly the same length so they will fit exactly against the side support pieces. Once constructed, it is equally as important for the ladder to fit securely onto the bed itself so that it doesn’t slip while someone is climbing up or down. Remember that children will be children, so this is one of those times to anticipate rough treatment. You should plan and build accordingly for strength and durability.

Keep these safety tips in mind when building this project with the directions of Loft bed plans. These types of beds are easy to build, and it’s a creative way

Close up diagram from plans giving the proper detail for the safe construction of a loft bed.

Close Up from Quality Plans

to find more space in the room. It is important to security measures carefully with each project woodworking to follow especially if beds to create that as high raised from ground and can be potentially dangerous if not built or used in an appropriate manner.

In closing, this paragraph contains two links for loft bed plans and for woodworking projects in general.  Both of these fine draftsmen have almost 100 loft bed plans amongst the thousands of easily printable woodworking plans on the CD’s they’ve prepared.  If you are serious about building something yourself, you owe to yourself to visit these two links.