Loft Bed Plans Don’t Have to Be Complicated

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Exploded Illustration of a Simple Loft Bed Design.

Loft beds are the end result of changes to the old fashioned bunk bed, which was also a space saver for families with large numbers of children and limited places to sleep them. Families are smaller now, but space needs haven’t changed a bit. We still need and want more space. Bedrooms are smaller in most of today’s homes and children still need play areas and study desks. Loft beds can make the room big enough for the child’s needs.

Anther great feature of the loft bed is that no box springs are required, a mattress will do. The designs can be as simple as a raised bed and open floor space, or almost as simple with an area available into which you can place book shelves and a desk or toy shelves and a place to play.

The picture above shows you just how few pieces there are in a basic loft bed making this design the easiest to build we can call to mind. The easier the plans, generally the fewer tools and supplies will be necessary to finish it. There is no fancy scroll work, no built-ins below like drawers or shelves, it is just the frame. You are on your own to decorate your space below with free standing furniture and shelves.

These frame only type plans can generally be built in an afternoon of woodworking. The worst part is building the ladder while keeping the rungs evenly spaced and properly affixed to the outside rails. We all know that “we get what we pay for”, so if you are a beginner we highly recommend using quality, step by step loft bed plans. This will give you peace of mind knowing your child is sleeping in a properly constructed loft bed.

The easier sets of plans will only require minimal tools and materials. You’ll need a good sharp saw, a power drill, the size and the number of pieces of wood you’ll need. Those better sets of loft bed plans will even tell you exactly what types of wood screws to buy and how many you’ll need. The only real skills you’ll need will be the ability to measure and saw boards at the correct length and the ability to follow the plans simple directions. That’s really all there is to it.

Young man sits at his study area created under his simple loft bed design

Young Man Hard at Work

Once your project is complete, you either paint it, stain it, or not. Then just add a mattress and you are set. With today’s mattresses, box springs aren’t necessary and most people will be quite comfy. After your bed is made, it will be time for you to figure out how to decorate your newly found space underneath.

While you are choosing the plans you think you might like, be sure to take into account the height of the bed and the activity that will be taking place underneath. For instance, if you are putting a study area underneath, you may want to make sure you pick plans with more height to the bed so there will be plenty of head room to walk under and sit down easily.

Enjoy building your project and make it easy on yourself by getting the right plans. Happy woodworking…. you’re about to be a hero in your child’s eyes.