Picture Rich:  You Just Must See These Real Life Uses of Loft Beds

Technically speaking, a loft bed is defined as a bed having the top of its

Uniquely adorable little girl's room with a playhouse for a loft bed.

Pink and Purple Playhouse Loft Bed

mattress over three feet off the floor.  When you think about it, all bunk beds must be loft beds, since all bunk beds have a mattress top more than three feet off the floor.

In practice, however, loft beds have often simply one twin bed on top with nothing below. In addition, you are typically more self-contained in so far as they include many other features and furniture which are typically in a bedroom. For example, loft bunk beds can include both a desktop and drawers beneath the twin bed on top.

The apartment appears spacious with the loft bed over the dining area.

Rich Wood Look - Added Space

Loft bunk beds, like other berths, save space, and are a creative element in a  bedroom.  Decisions in the design process dictate whether there will be a ladder, actual steps to loft, or some other method of access.  Regardless, all are smart to use care when getting into or out of a loft bed.

Spiral stair case spirits you up to the loft bed in studio apartment in New York City.

Designer Spiral to Slumber and Space in New York City

Futon bunk beds are comfortable whe incorporated to loft  beds because you have the duplicate functionality of having a couch and a bed.  Futon loft beds pose as such, and can be the ultimate space saver in a studio apartment.  Depending upon the loft bed plan used to construct the bed, they allow you up to two beds and one couch all within just a few square yards of floor space.

Loft beds are a viable alternative to traditional bedding and other bunk beds.

A bed way up off the ground and under it is your indoor playground.

An Indoors Loft Bed Playground

Many options are available in styles and colors, and these beds can be purchased online and offline. Beds are usually both wood and metal available under construction.

If you are handy and find the need for a loft bed, the most economical way to enjoy a really nice one is to build it yourself using loft bed plans.