Free Your Imagination with Only the Best Loft Beds for Boys and Girls


Starting at over $7,000 dollars unpainted, it is certainly the bestCompletely customized set of loft bed plans mapped out this extreme pirate ship loft bed which comes complete with sails, portholes, plank, bridge and a slide not mention a well over $7,500 price tag before the paint.

Aye Matey, Man the Bridge

money can buy.  The most enjoyable part of parenting when we can make one of our child’s dreams come true.  We may not be able to do it all the time, and it may get harder when they’re older!  But when we choose the best loft beds for girls and boys, we can deliver a dream in a sleek, well-designed package.  Of course, this is only when money is no object, so the rest of us will just keep dreaming and enjoy these pictures.

Creative loft beds for girls and boys offer incredible opportunities for children to play and imagine in a beautiful setting.  “Extreme” theme beds, as they are sometimes called, can feature a broad array of features and themes to appeal to your child.  One might be a pirate-themed bed.  You can find or follow plans to make a bed set that any swashbuckler will love: some examples include beds with a play “aft” deck, ship ladder with working wooden ship helm, captain’s quarters, working brass portholes, forward deck, slide, ship tiller (bookcase) first mate’s quarters (pull-out trundle), anchor, and, of course, a retractable walking plank.

Another popular theme is castles.  These can be princess-themed loft

Completely customized castle with the medieval touch for a young boy or knight; this themed loft bed comes with turrets, a draw bridge, grand hall, and a slide -- when only the absolute best will do.

King Arthur and Merlin Would Be Proud

beds for girls or more knightly castles for boys.  Either way, kids will love the slides, stairs, ladders, nooks, and appeal of these beds.  Available in any number of great colors, and with themes ranging from princess and pirates to tree houses and under-the-seascapes, there is sure to be a wide selection of loft bed plans that will suit your child and his

All of these features – and many, many more – provide endless fun and excitement for children. And you’ll want to join in the fun as well.