Loft Bed Plans – Make the Most of Your Space!


Easy to assemble, light weight, twin size metal loft bed with ful computer desk underneath.

Loft Bed - Work and Rest

People will pay a high price for space as the world tends to grow smaller each day as more people populate mother earth. Floor space gets more expensive and apartments get smaller. This leaves most of us with the dilemma of how to maximize the amount of space we can afford in our homes. An average family of four may have to make do with less furniture, less storage and carefully designed living spaces in order to have enough room to move and grow over the years.  Without a doubt loft beds can often add needed space to small living quarters.

This is one reason why human engineering gurus have come up with smaller features on most appliances, on furniture and fixtures in their design plans. Gone are the days of deeply padded couches, thick timber furniture and bulky entertainment centers. Most of these have now evolved into clean lined designs that serve us

Need a guest room that sleeps three, or need to sleep three children in one bedroom?

A Metal Loft Bed Built for Three

practically as well as provide an elegant look. Homeowners have warmed to this trend since floor space is so limited they now need one piece of furniture to perform multiple functions and serve its purpose for more than just one user.

One of the bulkiest pieces of furniture in a home is a bed. A bedroom occupant would need more than just a bed of course, but it could get difficult to find the right size piece of functional furniture such as a study desk to fit into the room and serve its function. If this is where your family finds itself, a metal loft bed could be the best investment for you.

A metal loft bed would basically have the same features of any bed and more! It has raised legs, a ladder, a foot board and even a headboard. The best part about a metal loft bed is the space it has underneath that can be set up with the extras to make room for a desk or a fully functional work station.

Metal loft beds are just like any loft bed but are made of metal making it weigh much less compared to its wood counterpart. Assembly won’t take much since you don’t need anything else other than a couple of screwdrivers and maybe a wrench or two. Not much elbow grease because everything comes in an assembly kit along with instruction manuals. No drilling or hammering needed either because the metal tubes are pre-drilled and come with the specific number and type of screws and bolts and nuts. And if you

Perfect for a one room studio apartment, this metal loft bed has a computer work station and a comfy chair underneath.

Work, Relax, then Sleep

need to move, you can easily break them down and take the entire unit with you.

Designers have broken every rule to come up with far out ideas to incorporate versatility in their designs and allow us to cope with today’s fast changing times and space cramping lifestyle. All you need is a good eye for detail to spot the right piece of furniture to suit your taste and your way of life. As time marches on, we all know things won’t always remain the same. We’ll need to be on our toes and find ways to make the most of whatever we can afford.

While these metal beds are striking, if you are not a welder with a good-sized wallet, you may want to make a beautiful loft bed out of wood.  You can find plans for individual beds, or you can get a package of plans which not only includes several different sets of loft bed plans, but also many other woodworking plans for projects like furniture, Adirondack chairs, shelving, and even kids’ furniture.  If you are even the least bit interested in building your own, you really should take a look at what is in Ted’s Woodworking Plans before you purchase any other plans.