Loft Beds with a Desk Will Double Your Space!


How much room could a small child take up? You’d be surprised!  When space is tight, lofts with desk options help you maximize what you

Beautiful white with pink accents is this perfect loft bed for a girl which can grow with her by providing a make-up area as well as a computer desk and a bookshelf.

Girls' Loft Bed with a Desk and Vanity


Loft beds have always been a smart, efficient use of space; like skyscrapers, they stretch vertically, instead of horizontally.

Typically, we think in terms of floor space, when we really should be thinking in terms of cubic footage.  That’s a lot more space – and you’ll certainly find a use for it.  Lofts raise the bed and open up that much more space below for anything from play area to storage.

Loft bed plans which include a desk provide a convenient, efficient space for studying, reading, drawing, and homework.  What’s even better is that desks typically take up only a third of the space under the bed.  That room can be used for storage – or nothing.  Imagine having free space.  You can also find loft plans that allow for rearranging, so you can accommodate a child’s growing needs and preferences.

Convenience isn’t the only factor to look for with lofts; you also want comfort and safety.  Loft beds typically accommodate a twin, but you can find those that will fit a double bed, which makes these perfect for small children, as well as teenagers.  Look for safety ratings from the US Consumer Product Safety

Beautiful rich walnut finish on this loft bed with desk for a boy

Rich Looking Loft Bed with Desk for Boys

Commission so you know that the wood or metal bed can stand up to rough child use and will hold your child as safely as you would.

You may care about safety, but your child wants fun.  Loft beds with desk options are endless; you can find those designed for small children with bright colors and fun features, like slides, but you can also find more mature colors and themes that will be able to grow with your child, even when he hits the picky teenage years.

Loft beds with desk and storage features are the perfect way to maximize space and make a small room feel much bigger – and much more fun.