Boy Finds his Favorite Loft Bed on the Internet

Dad Builds It From Loft Bed Plans

This past summer, Johnny Smith built a loft bed for his son, Kyle.  Johnny does an excellent job building and he loves the loft bed Kyle chose for his room.

Kyle loves also watching kids’ shows on TV.  Well, one eagle eye Kyle saw a loft bed on one of his shows’ episodes.  One of the child contestants on the show, Sally,  had just the style of loft bed that Kyle wanted to put in his bedroom!

Beautiful walnut finish loft bed with drawers, shelves and study area underneath.

Beautiful Walnut Finish on Loft Bed

While Sally was being interviewed on the show, Kyle was able to see it from several different angles.  That section of the show was called, “a tour of your bedroom with your awesome bed” and it lasted 7 minutes and 37 seconds into the second half of the show.  Kyle found his favorite loft bed on the internet after the show.