Standard to Unique Bunk Bed Design

There are a lot of people who have only one room available and who have two children.  Each child has a separate bed consuming space in a  little kids

Standard White Bunk Beds for a Little Girl's Room

Little Girl's Standard Bunk Bed

room.  There is little room to play.   This is bunk beds where come into play. For those of you who are not familiar with this kind of bedroom furniture, they consist of two beds, the over/under, sustained by four solid support posts. On the market there are different types of bunk beds to satisfy every need.

The most common type is the classic bunk bed is made of wood, aluminum or any other solid fabric and, like I said, two bunks has, over the other.

Loft bunk beds have only a bunk, the top one. The space under it made s, normally from a desk where the child to do homework occupied. Also is this bed for one person only.

Headboard book shelves built into bunk beds for a boy's room.

Boys' Bunk Beds with Bookshelves Built Into the Headboard.

L-shaped have those two bunks are designed to form a right angle corner wall in the form of the letter “L”. Again a desk can be placed in the top bunk. This one is made for two people.

Futon bunk beds have a top bunk and a sofa at the bottom. The sofa is perfect for television, reading or chatting during the day. At night it can be used as a bed.

Themed bunk beds are the most entertaining of all and the kids just love you. Can different shapes and designs, from racing cars for animals, castles or space ships. You are also the most expensive on the market in comparison to find the above mentioned. But the smile on your face children when they play and use your imagination with you is every cent value.

Now the main categories of kids bed are guests you can buy from the store or online. You can also create each of these types by yourself, if you have some

Bunk Bed Twin Bed Castle for Girls Room.

Spectacular Bunk Bed Castle for Little Girls

minimal carpentry skills and some good building plans (can you everywhere find you on the Internet).

And one more thing, if you decide to buy any type of this furniture design, concerns may arise about security measures.   To prevent any unwanted accidents, be sure the beds are solid and have guardrails.  Because Yes, people get hurt sometimes, especially children, if you use these beds without making sure the kids stay safe.

In closing, let your imagination run wild, save money, and build your children what they would really like.  There simply tons of loft bed plans and bunk bed plans online.